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In Georgia, it is not unheard of to see shorts weather in the middle of February and we are no strangers to humidity. During the summer, not even driving with the windows down offers us enough breeze to keep us comfortable while we are driving. Without a working A/C system in our vehicles, the daily Atlanta commute in the middle of summer can feel like torture. That’s where McCurley’s Shell comes in.

As Atlanta residents, we understand the importance of feeling comfortable behind the wheel when you are stuck in gridlock traffic. From automotive air conditioning service to auto A/C repair, our team of auto repair experts has the tools and the experience to keep you feeling great behind the wheel all year long.

Auto A/C Inspection Atlanta

One of the easiest ways to keep your car’s air conditioner blowing strong is with a quick A/C inspection. Our technicians will evaluate the major components of your air conditioner to determine its overall performance. You don’t have to be experiencing an issue to have your vehicle A/C inspected. In fact, with our climate, it is a good idea to have it checked regularly.

Auto A/C Leak Detection Atlanta

Is your car’s A/C not blowing as cool as it used to? The culprit may be a leak within your vehicle air conditioning system. If you suspect there is a leak, the first thing you need to do is bring your car to McCurley’s Shell. We will evaluate your overall A/C system and refill your coolant. In order to find and fix the leak, we will also add a bright dye to the coolant which allows us to easily spot the leak.

Auto A/C Recharge Atlanta

It never hurts to have your vehicle’s air conditioner recharged before the heat of summer hits. An A/C recharge does exactly what it says, it gets your air conditioner back to peak condition, so you can enjoy the cool air. During an air conditioner recharge, we will fully evaluate the performance of your air conditioner and clean the major components of debris and dirt. Our technicians will also remove your old refrigerant and replace it with new refrigerant.

Auto A/C Repair Atlanta

If you are feeling the heat and need to have your car’s A/C repaired, McCurley’s Shell is the leading provider of auto A/C repair in Atlanta. Our expert technicians have been keeping Atlanta drivers cool for decades. Whether the issue is a simple leak or belt repair or a more complicated condenser repair, we will evaluate and fix the problem so you can get back to feeling comfortable behind the wheel.

For the highest quality of vehicle A/C service and repair, call McCurley’s Shell to schedule an appointment today.

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