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When you first think of your vehicle’s cooling system, you may immediately assume that it is part of your A/C system. In reality, your heating and cooling systems are separate from your beloved air conditioner. Your car’s heating and cooling systems keep your engine and other components running at the perfect temperature. McCurley’s Shell has been providing expert service for heating and cooling systems in Atlanta since 1969.

Vehicle Cooling System Atlanta

While your car’s air conditioner works hard to keep you comfortable during the summer months, your cooling system is in place to protect your engine by preventing overheating. It works by circulating a coolant through the engine’s components and then sending the hot coolant to the radiator.

Without a properly functioning cooling system, your vehicle would run too hot and cause potentially extensive damage to your engine. If your car is running hot, McCurley’s Shell can help. Our mechanics will thoroughly examine your cooling system to determine and repair the cause of the problem. Whether the issue is low coolant, a leaky hose, or a radiator problem, we will get your system back to its peak performance.

Vehicle Heating System Atlanta

Believe it or not, your car’s heater actually works with your cooling system. When you are trying to warm up during that cold winter commute, your heater is utilizing the hot fluid circulated out of your engine. With these two systems working in tandem, you can stay comfortable and warm while your engine maintains a perfect temperature.

If you are experiencing a vehicle heater issue, it may be due to your cooling system not functioning correctly. You might think you can put off a heater repair, but it might be an indicator of a more extensive issue. That’s where McCurley’s Shell comes in.

Our team understands how important the heating and cooling systems are to your vehicle’s overall health and integrity. If you are experiencing an issue, we will test and inspect every component of the system to ensure that you receive the repairs you need to keep your engine running at peak performance.

Whether it is time to have your vehicle serviced or you suspect that your heating and cooling systems require repair, you can trust the experts at McCurley’s Shell. We want every customer who walks through our door to feel like family, which starts with providing top-quality service. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment.

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