Transmission Service & Repair

Oil Change

From manual transmissions to automatic transmissions, it is safe to say that McCurley’s Shell is Atlanta’s leading vehicle transmission expert. Our family has been proud to serve the Atlanta community since 1969 and our transmission services are the best in the area. Your car’s transmission has a tough job and without it, the handling and overall performance of your vehicle would be greatly affected.

Transmission Service Atlanta

Much like your engine and other major components, it is recommended that you have your transmission serviced on a fairly regular basis. The general rule of thumb is to service your transmission every 30,000 to 60,000 miles, but that may vary based on the age and condition of your car.

Transmission repairs are expensive. The best way to avoid these costly repairs is with transmission service at McCurley’s Shell. It allows our technicians to fully evaluate your transmission’s performance and spot any minor issues that may cause you problems later down the road.

Transmission Fluid & Filter Replacement Atlanta

Just like engine oil, transmission fluid keeps the components of your transmission lubricated and prevents friction. Also just like engine oil, transmission fluid breaks down over time and needs to be replaced. Driving in stop and go traffic can speed up that deterioration. When you come into McCurley’s Shell for your next service, ask one of our expert mechanics if it is time to have your transmission fluid changed. We will check it out and let you know the schedule that is right for your car.

Transmission Repair Atlanta

Nobody wants to hear that their transmission is blown. It can mean costly and extensive repairs. That’s where the team at McCurley’s Shell comes in. We understand more than anyone the importance of a working transmission. After all, you rely on your car every day.

When you trust us with your transmission repair, we will walk you through the necessary repairs before we start. Our technicians will then perform the needed repairs using only the top quality tools and parts. That combined with the experience and expertise of our technicians means that your transmission is in the best hands.

For all your transmission service and repair needs, trust the experts at McCurley’s Shell. We want every customer to feel like a part of our family and that starts the moment you walk through our doors. Call us today to schedule your next transmission service or repair.

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